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I Am A Swim Mom Home Page

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Professional's Corner
Ten Tips for Success
These tips are applicable to any personal goal you may have for yourself. . . . keep reading

How to Swim Breaststroke
Hi, I am Coach Roger from the Scenic City Aquatic Club here at McCallie School, and today we are going to learn how to do the breaststroke. . . . keep reading

Excited All Over Again: Getting Back Into Swimming Workouts
Tips For Swimmers Getting Back Into The Swimming Pool . . . keep reading

Belief - An Essential For Success
The most potent weapon a swimmer can possess in their armory is a powerful, unquenchable belief in themselves. . . . keep reading

Health Risk: What Having a Bigger Belly Means
Why your waist size matters. Take a look at your belly. How big is it? Is it round or flat? Hard or soft? The answers to these questions can provide clues about the likelihood of you developing certain conditions such as out-of-whack cholesterol, diabetes or heart disease. Doctors look for markers that can give an indication of the state of your health. Blood samples, for instance, can be tested for a wide variety of enzymes and different cell counts to assess vitamin deficiencies, liver and immune functioning, and a diabetic's glucose control. Not all health indicators need to be me . . . keep reading

Michael Phelps coming out of retirement, to compete April 24-26
Michael Phelps is expected to come out of retirement and compete in his first meet since the 2012 Olympics next week, his coach confirmed to USA TODAY Sports. This move paves the way for the 22-time Olympic medalist to compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, which would be Phelps' fifth Games. . . . keep reading

The Self-Reflecting Pool
Late last year, a designer and a geographer who met at M.I.T. revealed that they'd spent much of 2013 mapping every single swimming pool in Los Angeles -- 43,123 of them, to be exact. . . . keep reading

Swimming Science: Understanding the Differences Between Shoulder Soreness and Shoulder Injury
SANTA CLARA, California, October 16. DIFFERENTIATING pain and soreness is extremely difficult. This results in many swimmers assuming shoulder pain is expected in the sport and/or many coaches ignoring or not monitoring pain levels correctly. The practical implication of this piece may sound "soft," but swimming with no shoulder pain and minimal shoulder soreness is the ideal route for improving the absurdly high injury rate in the sport. The implications suggest excessive soreness hinders the sport of swimming more than it helps, due to the biomechanical alterations accompanying soreness. . . . keep reading

Swimmers, Think Powerful Thoughts and Manage Your Swimming Like a Pro
Being a successful swimmer is not just something you do in the water. It follows you everywhere you go in life. Being successful in the pool means thinking successfully out of the pool as well. . . . keep reading

Swimming Gifts for the Holidays
Swimming with music? The Finis SwiMP3 underwater MP3 player allows swimmers to listen to hours of their favorite music during a swim workout. It utilizes bone conduction, the direct transfer of sound vibrations from the cheek bone to the inner ear while swimming, to provide underwater sound clarity. It's fully waterproof and can be used with all swimming strokes. . . . keep reading

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